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Tracey Brown

Tracey Brown is a watercolour artist who feels very privileged to have lived and worked in Hastings, East Sussex all of her life. Much of her inspiration comes from The Old Town, where her ancestors can be traced back for many generations.

The undulating landscape of the town is a physical challenge to many people, but to others it creates fantastic viewpoints and scenes to recreate.

Painting has taught Tracey to look at the world around her in a completely different way and her pen, ink and watercolours reflect her sense of humour. Every time she paints she learns something new and her bright and quirky pictures are difficult to categorise. She feels very fortunate to have had lessons from the late Bob Erends who she fondly remembers every time she picks up a brush.

"I have had a lot of success selling my fridge magnets, cards and original paintings locally and would like to appeal to a wider audience."